Compare The Major California Health Insurance Carriers

Health Insurance
Five Critical Criteria used to compare California carriers. 1. Health Plan pricing in the market. Ultimately, benefits need to be priced well relative to other similar plans on the market. Also, the plans have to make sense financially in today's world of ever-increasing cost. Some large multi-line carriers like Principle offer extremely rich benefits that have completely priced themselves out of the market. There's a "sweet spot" where plan design meets the consumer's budget and that has to be a given when choosing a plan. Interestingly enough, this pricing value is driven by a carriers ability to do well in the following other areas so let's take a look at them. More information on the major carriers in the California market. (more…)
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Heart failure patients helped to regain health by Stem Cell Therapy

General Health Info
The International Forum on Heart Failure and Stem Cell Therapies Focus on C-Cure Technology and Launch Ceremony of Phase III Multisite Clinical Trial in China was held jointly by six organizations including Experts Committee of China Council for Medicine International Promotion, National Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, etc on August 25th in Shanghai. The reporter was informed from the forum that the C-Cure technology for the treatment of heart failure through stem cells will make the heart failure patients who are lack of effective treatment regain health and rebirth. Junbo Ge, Academician from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Deputy President of Tongji University, has introduced the current situation of heart failure worldwide on the forum, that is, the number of patients worldwide reaches 117…
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