Prevent Lice Naturally with the Leeloop Hairband

Head lice infestation is one of the most common problems among school-age children worldwide. Approximately six million to 12 million children 3 to 11 years of age get lice each year in the U.S. alone. Things aren’t better in the UK either. British children lose about 2.74 million days from school because of this issue.

Luckily, there are ways to prevent head lice naturally. In fact, now there’s a headband your child can wear to keep them at bay. Leeloop offers up to two weeks of protection and has been proven effective in over 95 percent of cases. Plus, kids love its cool design and ease of use!

Why Leeloop?

Even though lice infestation isn’t a medical emergency or a life-threatening disease, it does cause severe discomfort. These tiny parasites bite your skin and trigger an allergic reaction characterized by itching, red bumps on the scalp, and a tickling sensation on your head.

Children and adults infested with lice often experience difficulty sleeping and develop sores on the scalp due to frequent scratching. They may also notice nice – or lice eggs – on hair shafts. Many times, these symptoms are mistaken for dandruff.

Lice treatment is available, but it usually involves harsh chemicals and can take weeks to completely eliminate the parasites. Prevention is your best defense. That’s where Leeloop comes in.

The Leeloop headband features all natural ingredients that prevent lice infestation for up to 14 days. It smells amazing and boasts a modern design that your kids will love. On top of that, it’s dermatologic ally tested and free of pesticides, chemicals, and other artificial ingredients.

How Does Leeloop Work?

This innovative headband was launched in 2016 after years of research. Well Be Labs GmbH, the company behind Leeloop, is run by two entrepreneurs with a strong background in healthcare and technology. Our goal was to create a product that only not prevents lice also smells good and appeals to children of all ages.

Leeloop is based on a natural anti-lice complex that allows for a slow, continuous release of natural fragrances with lice-repelling properties. We have created a unique technology that seals essential oils into the headband, offering lasting protection. Even when its effects wear off, your child can keep using it as a stylish headband. Leeloop starts working the moment you fit it onto your head.

Since our product is dermatologically tested and free of chemicals, it’s safe and has no side effects. This makes it ideal children with a sensitive scalp. In fact, adults can wear it too. Leeloop is just as effective for grownups as it is for kids. Your only job is to wear it daily.

Each hairband comes with an instruction manual that will show you how to fully reap its benefits. The manual also includes useful tips on lice prevention.

Need one more reason to get the Leeloop hairband for your child – or yourself? We’ll give you plenty!

Leeloop isn’t just safe but easy-to-use as well. Children can fit it o their heads without any help. Plus, the hairband leaves no greasy residues on the scalp – as it happens with traditional anti-lice products. Furthermore, it has not been tested on animals.

So, what are you waiting for? Head lice strike when you least expect it. Get your Leeloop hairband today so you can repel these annoying parasites!