How is vitiligo treated?

How is vitiligo treated? It is the most concerned issue for many vitiligo patients. In the pursuit of the best treatments for vitiligo, people always try to find a shortcut to achieve recovery, but often because of the eagerness to seek success and fall short. Experts pointed out that in order to cure vitiligo, the following points are indispensable.

  1. Choosing the right medical centre

Although vitiligo is not a terminal illness, should you seek treatment early for a faster recovery. You should not only pay attention to the efficacy of the treatment option but also the safety of the treatment. Choose a professional and authoritative medical centre with relevant qualifications and specialised experience to ensure efficacy and safety. The best option is to seek treatment in a vitiligo clinic that is well specialized for this disease.

  1. Finding the cause

Accurate and comprehensive scientific testing is the basis for the development of any vitiligo treatment plan; treatment based on symptoms is the prerequisite for recovery. Blind treatment is bound to cause adverse consequences such as long-term cure and worsening of the condition so self-medication especially with home remedies is not advised. Without scientific & comprehensive medical testing, misjudgement and mistreatment are the malpractices of some clinics and hospitals. Only careful examination can accurately classify and target the right vitiligo.

  1. Examination needs to be through

Invisible vitiligo patches can only be discovered under Wood’s lamp and not the naked eyes; some doctors are using the latter. Any undiscovered vitiligo spots are going to manifest later and treatment will have to be repeated again should that occurs.

  1. Topical medication alone is not good enough

Using topical medicated creams on vitiligo skin is insufficient to get rid of vitiligo. It may at the very best arrest the white patches from expanding but the patches will not disappear. Only a multi-pronged vitiligo treatment using a combination of treatment methods is most effective. Vitiligo treatment like phototherapy, excimer laser & micropore skin grafting (micro-blister grafting) can be used.

  1. Practising daily vitiligo care

Adhering to the treatment schedule drawn up by your vitiligo doctor and taking the appropriate daily care like maintaining adequate sleep, paying attention to stress level, and staying confident in fighting the disease are important in the combat against vitiligo. Vitiligo can be treated. It is highly advisable that patients always bear these 3 values in mind “Perseverance, Confidence, Patience”.