Electrotherapy services in Leyland

Hormonal changes present during pregnancy help to prepare the pelvic joints for flexibility during the birthing process. Unfortunately, as a result, joint stability is reduced and sacro-iliac joints can become more vulnerable to injury. We know that mobilisation techniques for these joints help to reduce pain and restore function when used in conjunction with posture correction and concise exercises, and we work with pregnant women to treat these problems. The most common presentations we treat are: Sacroiliac Joint problems, Carpal Tunnel, Low back pain and pelvic pain.

What people say? The team at Leyland Physio are outstanding ! They are completely focussed on patient care, extremely professional and lovely people too. I attend regularly for acupuncture for a long term condition which helps enormously. You will receive first class treatment from highly skilled Physio’s and a very warm welcome from all at this brilliant practice. I have recommended to family and friends who all have had the same positive experience I have had.

Pilates: Pilates is a form of exercise focusing on balance, strength, posture and flexibility. It is suitable for people of all ages and abilities when taught by a trained practitioner. At Leyland Physiotherapy we incorporate Pilates extensively to rehabilitate core strength and prevent further injury especially in back pain patients. Exercise rehabilitation: Every patient is provided with a tailored exercise programme aimed at alleviating pain, restoring normal strength and endurance and therefore hopefully preventing a reoccurrence of injury. We have light weight resistance, balance equipment and mobility aids on site to help in the teaching process. Discover extra info at Physio Near Me.

Leyland Physiotherapy is located down a quiet cul de sac and so must rely partly on its reputation which does not let it down. I was given a quick appointment with a very experienced lady who identified the problem straight away. I was given an explanation and the treatment commenced straight away. I needed 3 treatments and felt completely satisfied and much better. Would not hesitate to recommend.

Leyland Physiotherapy was originally started by Mrs Jenny Wood back in 1982. Because of the hard work she put in, and the great success she had with patients, the practice quickly grew and expanded into being one of the most trusted Physiotherapy providers in Lancashire. Our physiotherapy centre is located not far from Junction 28 of the M6 motorway. We have off street parking for those visiting us by car. Regular bus services operate via the B5256 Leyland Way – we are just a short walk from the nearest stop. Read more details on leylandphysio.co.uk.