We provide medicines to those who are victim of either auto accident or slip and fall even when they can’t afford them

We are a specialty independent pharmacy, providing home delivery of prescription medication to your worker’s compensation and motor vehicle accident patients. We not only aid our clients in navigating the red tape of a worker’s compensation or automobile claim, but we also help ease the burden on you and your practice by working with insurance carriers to collect payment on claims.

Mistakes: Not treating the cause of your pain after an accident. Drugs only mask your pain for a few hours. When they wear off, your symptoms return. In our clinics, we put 100% of our focus on reducing your pain by focusing on the cause of your pain. This approach has helped thousands of our patients to heal properly.

The more severe and permanent your injury is, the more pain and suffering you will experience. Insurance companies typically multiply the amount of medical bills by a number between one and five to calculate “pain and suffering.” The more severe and permanent the injury, the higher the multiplier.

If you get hurt in an accident and have no health insurance, you may wonder who is going to pay for your medical treatment. You may win compensation for your medical bills and other damages once you settle a personal injury claim or win your lawsuit, but that may take many months, and you need to pay your medical bills now. You may wonder why the person who caused the accident (or their insurance company) can’t pay the bills. The answer is that, for better or for worse, if you get into an accident, you are responsible for the payment of your medical bills as you incur them. Even if the person who injured you is clearly at fault, the law does not require them to pay your medical bills as they’re accrued.

The only thing the law requires is that, if the other person is at fault, he/she must pay you damages to resolve your lawsuit. But, depending on the circumstances, if you have no health insurance and were in an accident, you might be able to use one or more of the following methods to get at least some of your medical bills paid:

No fault car insurance
The negligent person’s medical payment coverage
Working out payment arrangements with your health care providers

Accident pharmacy doctors: As a personal injury victim in either automobile accidents or slip and fall, the first thing that you have to deal with is the shock, since these unwanted incidents are always so sudden and you can be caught completely unawares. Now while getting treated, you might run into a lot of hassles that can make you feel vulnerable and helpless. Especially if suddenly your treatment or medication cannot be continued due to claims denial and lack of immediate money. Hospitals are bound by certain administrative restrictions and will be forced to deny to you medication in case of such scenarios.

Legal info : In case your client is a victim of personal injury through an accident or slip and fall, you can contact Accident Pharmacy for Pharmacy services on lien. When a patient is undergoing treatment, a lot of things that the patient would hitherto have depended upon can go wrong. One of these is insurance denial, which puts the patient in immediate risk of denial of proper treatment but auto, slip and fall accident attorneys can help them with our services.

Our online pharmacy services ensure hassle-free and quick delivery of medicines at your doorstep so that you can have the treatment started quickly.

Safeguard against untimely denials and ensure continuity of care with Accident Pharmacy. Accident Pharmacy works with your doctor and lawyers to ensure that you your access to medication isn’t hampered.If you are a personal injury lawyer, or if you are an ER operator, Emergency Pharmacy will be able to help your clients deal with a stressful situation much better and ensure an easy and comfortable way to access the proper medication.

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