Heart disease kills 1 in 3 Americans: Study

Heartburn is comprised of a mountain of symptoms that are spawned by the rising of stomach/gastric contents within the stomach that travel up the esophagus. As the gastric contents travel up the esophagus and possibly the neck it can cause severe damage via the path it travels. Great discomfort, pain, and possible long term damage can result.

• If you’re told, “don’t worry, it’s just anxiety,” but you have a gnawing feeling that something else is going on, get another opinion.

If the lipid plaque deposit in the arterial wall compromises the inner diameter of the artery or continues growing to block blood flow, or ruptures to fill the artery with its fatty core, then the blood will clot depriving the heart of oxygen. A heart attack is the result.

Since H2 Blockers and PPIs work in the stomach to reduce the production of acid, most nutrients in the diet are not processed as they should be, thus they do not get absorbed by the body for use.

• Keeping your blood pressure on check: High blood pressure can often result in heart attack or a stroke. Blood pressure should be kept on check using a healthy diet, controlled weight as well as regular exercise. Reducing the salt intake can also be help high blood pressure patients.

Prayer, yoga, deep breathing, meditation, self-hypnosis, napping, laughter, and loving relationships are all good ways to cope with strain and tension.

The reasons for heart attack (In French attaque cardiaque) are many. Over the course of time there is a deposition of plaque near the artery and the channel through which blood flows is narrowed. Cholesterol in our body leads to the deposition of plaque and eventually solidifies to become calcium deposits. If the arteries become narrow then it becomes extremely difficult for the heart to pump blood to the whole body. Our legs and hands often ache when it does not receive adequate blood supply. In a similar way our heart muscle also tends to suffer when it does not get blood. The pain which erupts all of sudden is known as angina.

A fish oil formula designed to re-energise cells and prevent early occurrences of heart attacks is found in Omega 3 / QH Ultra. It contains a special ingredient known as Ubiquinol which was developed mainly for people over 40 years of age and who exhibit early signs of a heart disease. Ubiquinol, a natural substance found in the cells of our bodies, function mainly to help fight degenerative diseases in our bodies which however, loses its efficiency as people grow older.